Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I get serious at night, I think.

Looking back over drafts, & a new longer poem: What is my goal, to go through "the agon," taking the reader with me (which can be, admittedly, confusing), or to step back from it & begin from the place of clearer vision?I'm partial to my agon, of course. I want the experience. & these delineations fall apart in the individual poems. It's just a thought, one I'm sure has run the wheel many times before.But the types of *discourse* are an indication of something. I like having different voices at play. Here removed, there hip-hop, then camp, then a syllogism, then a bit Tennysonian, then the Steinian clip.Is the experience the holding-together factor? I'm so new to this whole thing that I'm just beginning to think about these things & try to make practical with them.The key may be more reading. Keep sending me recs, even if you've done so previously. Books about feminism need not apply. But feminist writers are welcome. Please.with love & wheels, L.