Thursday, October 20, 2005


Thanks to Kyle....HI KYLE!....I have some results from my madlib thing. I was sorely disappointed to find out that nobody answered my oh-so-fun post, so here are the results of the one and only cool person out there. The bold words are the filled in responses.

Grant has been going to the hooker in order to have medical procedures done to his spleen. He even had a swiss army knife in his sphincter and he had to throw in a peanut.
Grant works at Dr. Val?s k9 Crisis Veterinary Center and he makes scissors. He wears army green rubber gloves and drinks too much blue raspberry icee. The dizzy customers really get on his nerves and he wants to falling them all.
Grant is in pet rock school learning to hit film. He wants to work with soft people and make JFK for a living.
Grant has lots of medical problems. These include: gums that have been broken twice, a big toe clogged with scar tissue, a love handle that has sharp burning pain every so often, multiple feathers and police on his hairs at any given time, and a lymph node that is still not healed after a golfing accident.
Grant is dating Lorenna. This upcoming September, they will have been together for 13 years. Lorenna always tells Grant to cut his dumpster, but Grant never listens. At this very moment, Grant's death valley is still horribly sweaty.
Grant is very dead right now and should probably not be sawing on his large pencil. Since that is the case, he is going to run to spoon as soon as this broken Grant is completed.
p.s. I am highly disturbed to find out that my death valley is still horribly sweaty.