Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Gift for the one who has everythingA man once asked me,What do you give the woman who has everything?I had no answer then.
He gave her a cellular phone.I am not sure it was appreciated. Now I can say,Flowers, poems, massages, scented candles, and quality timeWill always do.
But what do you give the loving teacher who has renounced everything?
At first, in my imagination, I kept throwing him in terrible situations,So that I could rescue him and thus prove my affection.Some gratitude.
Then, I thought maybe some ancient worthy manuscript of his favorite author,What value does that have?And would that not just take up space and give him a possession to worry over.Besides, they are currently out of my reach.
Then I thought I would dedicate some book to him, hope it was good And then give him a copy,But that would only give him more work to do.He is already overworked.
A good gift would be something impermanent, Something which required no maintenance or attentionThe answer is the same after million of years, incense.
I then accepted that I would always be in his debt,That I could never return the favor.
All I can do is accept his gift without any affectation or false modesty,Remove the protecting shield I use to keep all the others at bay,And stand naked in front of his loving gaze.
Absorb all his teaching,Make it mine, express it creatively in my life.
I am still shy and not ready,Time is passing.Snap out of it.
Thank you, incense, bow.


Husband roach
Sudden summer infestation.Tiny little roaches everywhere.Tears in my eyes.
Forgot all about their status as divine creatures.Smashing and exterminating, I went.
Evening crisis. Found a live one in my bed!
Morning crisis.Found a dead one in my bed!
At once I thought, how ungratefulNo live man up to the job.And you, tiny little insect took to the enormous task,And lost your life overwhelmed by the size of your belle.
You died trying, courageous hero.Facing an impossible love affair,Unrequited love,You moved boldly in a doomed attempt.
So loved me, that you gave your life.Thank you.
Condolences to the widow.