Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Gift for the one who has everythingA man once asked me,What do you give the woman who has everything?I had no answer then.
He gave her a cellular phone.I am not sure it was appreciated. Now I can say,Flowers, poems, massages, scented candles, and quality timeWill always do.
But what do you give the loving teacher who has renounced everything?
At first, in my imagination, I kept throwing him in terrible situations,So that I could rescue him and thus prove my affection.Some gratitude.
Then, I thought maybe some ancient worthy manuscript of his favorite author,What value does that have?And would that not just take up space and give him a possession to worry over.Besides, they are currently out of my reach.
Then I thought I would dedicate some book to him, hope it was good And then give him a copy,But that would only give him more work to do.He is already overworked.
A good gift would be something impermanent, Something which required no maintenance or attentionThe answer is the same after million of years, incense.
I then accepted that I would always be in his debt,That I could never return the favor.
All I can do is accept his gift without any affectation or false modesty,Remove the protecting shield I use to keep all the others at bay,And stand naked in front of his loving gaze.
Absorb all his teaching,Make it mine, express it creatively in my life.
I am still shy and not ready,Time is passing.Snap out of it.
Thank you, incense, bow.