Thursday, January 05, 2006

I’ve awakened by a shining

I’ve awakened by a shining,

Casual and mystic rhyming!

Carving brilliant scars of hope,

In poems sung with endless scope!

Awake my fire, eyes baptized,


Illuminate the skies!
Leaving rifts of waking grace,

Inside our time of wasted days!

Awakened to a silken rapture,

Born of will, born to recapture!

Storming corners left unseen,

To wake us up from all our sleep!

Wake this day!

Wake this moment!

In this motion, we were was chosen!

Waves of stardust carried on,

From inside our buried songs!

Feel this lifetime!

Feel this chance!

Feel the pulsing of this dance!

This cosmic plan!

This lucid dreams!

Revealed, today, before what seems!

Feel the pulse of splashing hearts!

And see me now -

Ignite this spark!

Awake with me,

Hear this song!

Open up -

And sing along!